My practice covers a wide range of ages (from children to seniors) and a broad range of conditions and personal circumstances. From back pain reduction, joint stiffness, mobility and flexibility improvement to performance enhancement in professional or "intending" athletes, dancers, musicians and actors.

Benefits can mean you walk better, sit better, reach better, sleep better. It can include a range of improvements such as regained curiosity, increased vitality, quickness of thinking, enhancement and shifts in one's self image, changes in breathing, posture, range of motion and reduction of pain. On a deeper level, you may feel a profound expanded consciousness and release from outdated habits. A new you!

It can complement your spiritual, movement and mindfulness practices such as meditation, Pilates, Yoga... Feldenkrais can also help if you are a performer and /or have an artistic practice such as dance, movement, writing and are feeling restricted, stuck or overwhelmed or you simply want to expand your consciousness or your heart practices. If you are seeking to understand the impacts of early trauma (accidents, injuries, poor attachment) for example anxiety and body disconnect and how they are interfering with your normal development and emotional freedom, my work can be of enormous value to you.

Soothing Bell