Feldenkrais was a revelation to me when I first experienced it many years ago - it was amazing that small movements could have such profound effects. I think it's helped to improve my mobility and it's certainly made me significantly more aware of how I move. I've also been able to manage chronic pain far more effectively.  

I've really enjoyed doing the sitting classes on Zoom over the past year, Holly brings a range of training and expertise to her Feldenkrais practice. She has an enthusiastic, calm and encouraging approach to both her individual work and her classes. 

Feldenkrais has made a cumulative difference to me over time, especially with getting older. It has made a very real difference to my life.

Cas, very keen gardener and people connector

Holly’s work has helped me relieve chronic pain that I had been dealing with for years. I have been able to sleep better and feel more grounded and relaxed in my body. I am learning that if pain recurs as it does, especially if I miss a day of doing the gentle movements,  I can get out of it by practicing the mindful, somatic movements at home that bring me back to a sense of ease in my body.

I really appreciate Holly’s experience and knowledge in this field, thank you!

Leonie,  Artist

Feldenkrais is a way if life for me,
I  love Feldenkrais and it loves me.
After 25 years with Holly as my mentor at 90 I feel fully alive

A zoom lesson in awareness of half an hour is completely absorbing and exhilarating .

Anne, Maker of Books

I’ve done Feldenkrais classes and individual sessions with Holly for almost a decade. I have a chronic pain condition and Holly’s Feldenkrais has been the sole treatment that has significantly alleviated the pain I experience day to day. Many times I’ve walked into Holly’s studio with all sorts of pains, stiffness and movement restrictions, and walked out almost pain free and with a lot more movement. Holly is a miracle-worker.

Stephanie,  Bank Lawyer

I was in the dentist chair, not long after my Tuesday Zoom Feldenkrais Session with Holly, and I began to realise how stressed my body was, as two pairs of hands and eyes peered into my gaping mouth, together with several drills and injections.  I said to myself  “Sarah!  Anyone would think that you are trying to extract and re-construct that tooth yourself!  Now relax!!  You are required to do nothing right now, except keep your mouth open!” 

So I immediately tuned back into the previous Feldenkrais session, feeling around each of my hands and fingers, relaxing all muscles around my body, wiggling my toes, breathing deeply, knowing with confidence that that wonderful feeling of relaxation, was only moments away. Thanks Holly!!!

Sarah,  Artist Community Arts Facilitator

Feldenkrais classes with Holly, whether F2F or in COVID safe zoom rooms are always a delight that leaves my body, heart & soul feeling lighter and freer.

The novel ways of moving in Feldenkrais lessons is a revelation that frees old holding patterns in the body and mind. I love it, and Holly’s wisdom and humour are delightful.

Jo, Community Health manager

Can one put more awareness and attention to the body? Yes.
Holly’s methods helps me find exquisite alignments and sense small yet powerful shifts within joints, tendons, muscles and tissues. Feldenkrais supplements my practice in trance and dance, and guides me to how I can position the many aspects of the body, physically and psychologically.’

Tony Yapp,  Dance Company

Since second Feldenkrais I have felt aggressive , forthright, opinionated, speaking the truth, like suppression has been lifted after40 or more years, feels like taking no more shit from anyone.

Specialist,  Health Educator … recovery from trauma

Feldenkrais is beyond words , searching for love , beginning with myself, slowly softly, gently to movement that helps the whole body and mind unite.

Stillness, peace where I can find a smile that makes breathing easier

Anon, recovering from chronic pain